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3-12 Month Subscription of Hula Lulas Delivered!

USA made and sourced, human-grade jerky delivered fresh to your dog's door
Sale Price: $599.95
Compared at: $837.95
You Save: $238.00



Get fresh Hula Lulas delivered to your door every month for 12 months and save 28%!  Six (6) and three (3) month subsciptions available too at attractive discounts!

Every month we will send you five bags of Hula Lulas:
  • Two Hula Lula Chicken
  • One Hula Lula Beef
  • One Hula Lula Turkey
  • One Hula Lula Pork

Plus get one extra FREE bag of your choice in your pet's birthday month if you sign up for a 12 month subscription!

Get 12 months of treats delivered fresh for $599.95.  That's a savings of more than $3.60 off every bag!

Prefer a six (6) or three (3) month subscription?
  • Get five bags of fresh Hula Lulas delivered for a consecutive six months for just $339.95 (Compared at $410.70) That's a 17% savings!
  • Or, get five bags delivered for three (3) consecutive months for just $184.95! (Compared at $205.35) That's a 10% savings!

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