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How Goodness Gracious treats complement a raw food, ancestral diet

Q:  What is a B.A.R.F diet and do any of your treats complement it?  

A:  There is a debate (for good cause) surrounding B.A.R.F diets. B.A.R.F stands for Bones And Raw Food and the diet mimics that of the wolf (the dog's ancestor) in its natural habitat. The challenge with this diet is that dogs are not eating fresh kill. They're eating mass-produced raw food that can be contaminated with bacteria. This poses significant health risks to not only your dog, but to you. There's a good and easy-to-read article on the pros and cons here: http://pet-nutrition.suite101.com/article.cfm/frozen_dog_food_diet

Our Hula Lula jerky treats are not raw food. Our jerky is oven-dried long enough and at temperatures appropriate for killing food-borne pathogens while maintaining the meat's rich-nutritional values. We believe it is an excellent treat for all dogs.

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