How Safe and Healthy Is Your Dog's Food? An Eye-Opening Video.

how safe and healthy is your dog food

Do you think dogs are living longer today than a decade ago? 

In this 7 minute eye-opening video on dog food you will:

  • Learn startling industry truths - what consumer advocates know that you should too.
  • Understand what Human Grade pet food means and why it is so important for dogs.
  • Discover an excellent consumer guide to good pet food choices that will help your dog enjoy a healthier, longer life.
  • See that simple, affordable choices can have a meaningful impact on your dog's healthy lifespan.
  • Gain insights from Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, Rodney Habib and Susan Thixton.
So cuddle up with that one of a kind pup of yours and enjoy this remarkable video for the love of dogs.  May they live forever.
human grade whole food gently cooked dog food with a low glycemic index low glycemic load