Goodness Gracious answers Frequently Asked Questions about its chicken jerky, pet treats, tick repellent, ingredients and more.

Just the Facts Ma'am.

Q:  Are your chicken jerky treats for dogs USA made and sourced?
A:  Absolutely!  100% through and through.  Goodness Gracious chicken jerky is 100% USA made by us in Massachusetts and sourced from all-natural, USDA Grade A USA chicken.  <...more> 

Q:Are your treats “human-grade”? 

A:  Our treats are made with 100% USDA/FDA approved ingredients.  This means all our ingredients are the same foods that are delivered to and found in grocery stores and restaurants for people to buy and eat. <...more>

Q:  Are your treats USA made and sourced? 
A:  Call us artisans or just old-fashioned.  We make all our treats ourselves with our own hands in the USA.  And all our ingredients, save two, are sourced in the USA.   The two whole foods we source outside of the USA are <...more>

Q:  Are your treats all natural?
A:  Yes.  We use only whole foods.  There’s nothing artificial in our treats <...more>

Q: Is buckwheat flour wheat?  And why do you use it?

A:  Buckwheat flour is not wheat.   It's not even a grain.  We use buckwheat (which comes from the berry of the plant) because we believe it is the best source of high quality, easily absorbed, protein in the plant kingdom <...more>

Q: Do your treats contain salt or sugar?

A.  We do not add salt or refined sugars to our treats.   <...more>

Q:  What is meat irradiation and do you use it? 

A: Goodness Gracious does NOT use irradiated meat.  Why?  Well, the simple answer is that we think it's really bad stuff.  The FDA doesn't take such a strict view, but plenty of medical professionals do.  <...more> 

Q:  What is a B.A.R.F diet and do any of your treats complement it? 

A:  There is a debate (for good cause) surrounding B.A.R.F diets. B.A.R.F stands for Bones And Raw Food and the diet mimics that of the wolf (the dog's ancestor) in its natural habitat.   <...more>  

Q:  What oils do you use in your K#9 Tick Repellent?

A:  Sweet almond oil is the primary ingredient in our K#9 Cologne.  It is the carrier oil for our proprietary essential oil blend.  <...more>  

Q:  Where can I read customer reviews of your products?
A:  We encourage you to read what our customers have to say about us.  You can find reviews on our Testimonials page by clicking here. 

Q:  What is your guarantee policy? 

A:  We stand behind all our products.  To read our guarantee policy and other purchase and shipping info please click here

Q:  Where can I find your treats in my area?

A:  For a list of retailers who carry our treats, please click here.

Q:  How can I sell your treats in my store?

A.  To find out how to become a retailer of our products, please click here.