Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
These are the best treats ever! I love that they are made with love, and simple healthy ingredients. My dog gets 3 different treats every day. Just knowing she is getting the best nutrients possible makes me happy. Hula Lula Chicken is her favorite. Thank you for your continued support to charities as well. Keep up the great work! Thank you. Arlene
Arlene Strauss
I love, love, love giving the Bacon Cheeseburger Cookies to my dog Fiyero just as much as he loves eating them! Our story of renal failure and Tufts ICU is too long to tell here so let me just say no treats with ingredients not locally sourced in this house! Thanks for all you do! PS I foster dogs for Survivor Tails Animal Rescue, Fiyero is such a good boy he gladly shares with our foster!
Judi Fournier
Bikini chicken is the choice for my picky toy poodles. Perfect for small dogs as it is easy to break into smaller pieces. And that it is good for them is a big plus!
Maggie Simpson
I would like to attest to the fact that Goodness Gracious Treats are the best. I searched online for treats years ago. My criteria was that I wanted a tasty, safe and healthy treat for my dogs which I could give to them without any reservations about their quality. I came across Goodness Gracious and decided to try them not only because of their standards but also because they donate a portion of their proceeds to the benefit of animal rescue/care institutions (I have worked with and adopted from rescues). I have purchased from Goodness Gracious for at least 7 years and probably longer. I have never come upon a dog who doesn't think they have died and gone to heaven when partaking in these treats. I have given them as gifts for the dogs of friends and family and have heard feedback like "they are like insane for these treats". I live in Florida and have these treats delivered from Massachusetts because they are so worth the effort. If I run out for a day or so I have supplemented with store bought treats but I try not to. These are the only treats I can give my animals with complete confidence that I am doing no harm. Thank you Goodness Gracious for your commitment to our best friend.
Jim Brunton
We have Malchi,Henry,15lbs. We've given him the "Bikini Lamp" we are on the 3rd bag and his reaction has only increased! We have never seen the amount of excitement Henry shows for these treats compared to any other treat. From 1 out of 10 Henry goes to "12". Thank you for offering these well crafted wholesome American made products!!
Richard Cole

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