Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
Also forgot to mention that it makes me feel good to know that 51% of your profits go to community animal charities. That is a big plus too!
I am fussy about what I feed my 80 lb. german shepherd female, Rue. She is just as fussy about what she will eat. She loves the Hula Beef and Chicken. I haven't tried Lamb or Salmon but will. Love that it is only one good ingredient, no filler, preservatives etc. Also I am from Saugus, MA and spent many summers riding my bike through Marblehead and its' winding beautiful roads. Glad you have done this and I will spread the news about how great you guys are. Don't change and don't get sold by big companies who will ruin your product.
My Poodle, Harry, only gets "HULA LULA"! He gets so excited when we get his treat jar! We are very choosy on what our dog eats, but when our breeder Crab Apple Downs recommended them for treats I started looking for them. At first I could find them at Whole Foods but I fund them at our local market. Thanks so much for making a treat that Harry loves and I love giving!
Aleta S.
Our little apricot mini poodle Chloe LOVES Hula Lula jerky. She's a rescue and I think she can't believe her good fortune. She expresses her delight with a poodle-style "chicken dance" over the jerky before she eats it! She has been spoiled. She now shuns the biscuits at the bank drive-up because of her discriminating taste. Thanks for the awesome, healthy treats!
Holly Williams, Morningstar Dog Grooming
My rescue dog is a finicky eater-not what I am used to! She absolutely loves all of the Hula Lula jerky. Even our evil 20 year-old kitty digs the salmon flavor. It’s local and all-natural, so I don’t have to worry about where it comes from.

Warning: don’t leave packages in the car after grocery shopping; the bags are air-tight and durable, but not immune to dog teeth!

Thanks for cooking for the furry beasts.

Teresa, Brookline MA

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