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My pet Mom and Dad bought me Hula Lula Liver. After my bath (which I hate!!) they gave me one for putting up with this horrible ritual. For most dog bribes, I usually investigate, snub them and make Mom and Dad give them to other less intelligent visiting dogs. Apparently someone has mislabeled these "people treats" as "dog treats". I promptly took my treat and found a secure location to devour it. I am sure the CIA is coming to catch me eating them so I hid. I now want a bath everyday. Cleanliness is now nex to godliness!!
Thank you Lulu!! It is a bonus that I get to help unspoiled digs too!!

Lady the Spoiled Saint Bernard
Lady Hart
Thank You Thank You Thank You for making 100% natural treats for dogs. I have two maltese, both 5 years old and they jus LOVE the Hula Lula Chicken jerky. I am a very picky mom about what they eat, several months ago I switched to an organic dry food since their allergies and tear stains were pretty bad. Well let me tell you there has been a BIG difference in both my dogs and their faces have no stains and their allergies are not as bad as they used to. Finding your products was a blessing and it gives me great comfort to know that people like you care about our furry family members and make such great products. We are BIG Goodness Gracious FANS in this house!!
Dulce Shipley
My 50 lb golden/shepard rescue dog is such a fussy eater. She will politely decline all other treats [ except the ones I make in my own kitchen] but LOVES the chicken jerky !! Comforting to know they are a healthy treat too !
Ellie Plukas-Smith
Our big Mastiff mix River, has eaten a home cooked diet since we rescued him as a pup. He is not finicky about food, but his digestion sure is.Once in a while we made the mistake of giving him a supermarket brand treat and the poor fella paid the price. When his former vet tried to offer him one of their biscuits and he refused to take it I had to explain to them that he only eats jerky I make myself or Goodness Gracious treats ! Since I just happened to have a couple in my pocket ( always be prepared is my motto) , we were good to go,and he eagerly took your treat from the vet. His favorite is the cheeseburger cookies right now, and since he is being doctored for an injured paw, your cookies make the doctoring much, much easier. Thank you for caring about our dogs enough to make these wholesome and delicious treats and bless your hearts for donating to rescues. I sing your praises to everyone, and so does River !
Also forgot to mention that it makes me feel good to know that 51% of your profits go to community animal charities. That is a big plus too!

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