FAQ: K#9 Tick Repellent

Our all natural tick and flea repellent uses pet-friendly ingredients

Q:  What essential oils do you use in our K#9 Tick Repellent?  

A:  Sweet almond oil is the primary ingredient in our K#9 Tick Repellent. It is the carrier oil for our proprietary essential oil blend. Sweet almond oil is an exceptional emollient, suitable for all skin types, that helps balance moisture. It also relieves irritation, inflammation and itching. The essential-oil blend that we use is comprised of 100% human-grade essential oils that are canine-friendly. We do not use citronella oil, which can be harmful to dogs.  Our tick repellent includes a proprietary blend of geranium, lavendar, rosemary, eucalyptus, and palmarosa essential oils.

PLEASE NOTE: it is generally recommended that pregnant humans and dogs should avoid essential oils as some can be stimulating to muscles.  Additionally, because cats do not possess the enzymes needed to process many fragrances - like perfumes, room deodoizers, incense, scented candles and other items - our tick repellent is not for cats.

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