Goodness Gracious treats are USA Made and Sourced

Q:  Are your treats USA Made and Sourced?  

A:  Call us artisans or just old-fashioned. We make all our treats ourselves with our own hands in the USA. And all our ingredients, save two, are sourced in the USA.

The two whole foods we source outside of the USA are:

1.  Fresh bananas. The USA does not grow bananas. All bananas available for human consumption in the USA come from Central America. These are the same bananas we buy. They arrive to us just like you find in a grocery store. We peel them ourselves and put them in our Peanut Butter Banana cookies.

2.  Boneless leg of lamb. Australia and New Zealand produce the highest quality lamb. It is grass-fed, free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones and regulated locally in compliance with USDA guidelines. It’s the same premium lamb you would buy for yourself. We buy this lamb instead of USA lamb because it is a superior product.

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