The Weight is Over: Toby and Frankie’s Weight Loss Journey – Part 2

Veterinarian and Bettervet CVO puts her dogs on a weight loss diet with Goodness Gracious gently cooked human grade dog food

Week 3 of The Weight Loss Journey:

Toby – Starting weight = 28lb | Current weight = 26lb10oz | Goal = 23lb | 4oz 2x’s per day jerky treat

Frankie – Starting weight = 48lb | Current weight = 43lb 10oz | Goal = 38lb | 8oz 2x’s per day jerky treat

Dr. Cimino's Point of View of The Weight Loss Journey

Veterinarian takes her dog Toby on a weight loss journey with Goodness Gracious gently cooked human grade complete and balanced whole food diet for dogs
When the realization struck that Frankie and Toby needed to shed a few pounds, I had to release the grip of the combination of dog mom / veterinarian guilt I've held during the pandemic.

Some bad behaviors we had fallen into during these past two years required redirection.

Frankie and Toby needed equal parts nutrition and exercise to reach their goal weights.

Our rescued Australian Shepherd, Toby, doesn't have as much to lose. He is more amenable to changes in patterns, a pleaser for sure.

From an overall health standpoint, though, he does have valvular heart disease and luxating patellae (or, in lay terms, floating knee caps), both of which are less risky when his weight is at its prime.

Frankie is our family foodie, and food is her love language. But she has been programmed to equate food with love and reward since she was a puppy.

To this day, when she sees my husband or me make a trip to the restroom, she thinks it's Treat Time!

Goodness Gracious High Protein Low Carb 100 percent whole food complete and balanced gently cooked food for dogs
So, as you can imagine, as our alpha food lover, and with a bit of a steeper weight loss hill to climb, this journey is a bit more of a challenge for her.

Frankie's overall health foundation is solid. Even with her heart murmur, this weight loss will benefit her future health too.

As our dog's weight goalkeepers, it's wholly up to my husband and me to manage this weight loss program.

We are being precise with our measurements for meals by enlisting the help of a traditional digital kitchen food scale.

Toby receives 4oz of delicious Goodness Gracious human-grade food twice a day, and Frankie gets 8oz twice a day.
Also, each morning, we place a chicken jerky treat on the counter and break off small bits for them to enjoy throughout the day.
DVM Bettervet Chief Veterinary Officer shares her dogs weight loss program with Goodness Gracious dog food

Pro tip: we all tend to over-treat our pets. The reality is a small tic-tac-sized portion coupled with an affectionate rub and a kind word that goes just as far as the whole cookie. I promise.

About the Author: Dr. Cimino is the CVO of Bettervet, an all-house call and telehealth veterinary practice with mobile vets in metropolitan areas across the US.