Goodness Gracious Gently Cooked Food for Dogs Formulated by Dr. Nathan Heilman

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Human Grade, Gently Cooked Food Dogs Love.
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Human Grade Perfection

High Protein. Low Carb. Species Appropriate.

Our recipes average 64% meat and organs, 18% dark green veggies, 6% super-fruits, 4% vibrant root vegetables, 4% healthy fats, and 4% boosters like eggshell, kelp and oysters for key minerals, and mackerel for essential vitamins and Omega 3's.

Gently cooked, frozen, and home delivered in your choice of five delicious grain-free varieties: beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, and pork & wild salmon.

Nutritionally Complete and Balanced for canine adult maintenance using only whole foods. Never any powdered vitamins or minerals.

Dr. Nathan Heilman Veterinarian behind our gently cooked recipes
Meet Dr. Nathan Heilman

"In my practice, these recipes have optimized the health of hundreds of patients over the last 15 years."

Dr. Dani Cimino feeding her dogs our gently cooked recipes for dogs
Meet Dr. Dani Cimino

"I put my own dogs on these diets, and I am thrilled. They lost weight. Their coats improved, and they became more mobile, energetic and engaged with us."

Meet Dr. Brett Ellis

 "Goodness Gracious has been a diet that I can reliably get a sick or debilitated animal eating again and begin to start the education of our pet owners on the importance of diet in maintaining a healthy life."

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Truth About Pet Food

We are thrilled to have our gently cooked food listed in Susan Thixton's 2023 and 2022 List Truth About Pet Food!

TaPF provides education for pet owners to help find a quality pet food and brings awareness to the lack of enforcement of law in pet food by FDA and State authorities

Susan Thixton's Truth About Pet Food List 2022 and 2023
Grain Free, Gently Cooked Complete and Balanced Meals For Dogs. Zero Powdered Supplements.
Sayonara Supplements

Our food for dogs is complete and balanced using only whole food ingredients. Here's why...

Most vitamins and minerals fortifying food (for dogs and humans) are manmade in foreign factories.  China provides most of the world's vitamins A, B12, D and E. 

At least 8 vitamins are made from petroleum products - like vitamin B1 (thiamine) which is derived from coal tar, vitamin A from acetone and formaldehyde, and B3 (niacin) from nylon. Virtually no vitamins are made from natural substances because it's expensive and the extraction process requires environmentally toxic solvents.  

There are no laws in the US requiring testing of vitamins or minerals for safety or efficacy. The FDA is prohibited from requiring it by the DSHEA law of 1994.

Sourcing nutrients from whole foods instead of manmade powders means your pup is getting the added benefit of all the antioxidants and enzymes in the food on top of the vitamins and minerals. Hands down, whole foods are just an all-around good thing.

human grade fresh food for dogs in four varieties including beef chicken turkey and pork with wild salmon
Grain Free, Gently Cooked, Human Food for dogs. Human Grade ingredients.


There are millions of Ernies out there.

The high glycemic load of grain-based kibbles directly promotes inflammation of the stomach, colon, ears, and respiratory lining, and weight gain. A low glycemic, whole-food diet was necessary to heal Ernie.

Dr. Nathan Heilman

Jilly needed a reduced sodium, high protein, anti-inflammatory diet to treat heart disease. These diets are perfect for her and she loves them.

Dr. Dani Cimino

Goodness Gracious was recommended by our vet when our dog became blind due to diabetes to help get his glucose under control so he could undergo cataract surgery. Within a month his levels were down and he was good to go for his surgery. Now he can see and he’s back to his happy snappy little self. Also he’s always been a picky eater but for last few months he always gobbles this food up!!! Thank you

Ronald S.

Even though my crew has not been on this food for long, I have seen significant changes.

No Itching!!!!

I was on the verge of calling the vet for medicine, but not now he is comfy and I have not witnessed him scratching or chewing his paws... Impressive to say the least.

Diane C.

We make Mother Nature and parents everywhere smile.

Our food and treats use only those ingredients you would find in your own kitchen. Our meals are holistic, complete and balanced with only whole foods that serve a nutritional purpose.

We choose pasture-raised, antibiotic-free proteins at every feasible opportunity. All our shipping materials are curbside recyclable. Our love of life and respect for the planet permeate everything we do.

Grain Free, Gently Cooked Complete and Balanced Meals For Dogs. Zero Powdered Supplements.
Did you know
FDA says you have no right to know what's in your dog's bowl.

There's human grade pet food. And then there's everything else. We call this pet feed.

Pet food/feed regulations are protected by copyright. As a consumer and a parent you have no legal right to that information. We think that's nuts.

In the US, 54% of dogs are overweight or obese. Nearly one-third of cats are obese. It's time we looked hard at what's in their bowls.

AAFCO, a private association, writes the pet food/feed regulations for the FDA that are discretionarily enforced by each state. These regulations allow inedible, adulterated, contaminated and spoiled substances into pet feed.

The "chicken" in the bag of kibble is not the same edible chicken in your can of soup. The zinc fortifying your dog's feed can be laced with heavy metals.

Pet feed plants are largely unregulated and unsanitary.

Shady manufacturers are allowed to dupe consumers. Product names and pictures on labels can show ingredients that do not exist in the actual product.

Reputable manufacturers are prevented from disclosing factual statements of quality or claims like "low carb." This further obfuscates the truth about pet food for consumers.

We think the most meaningful words you can find on a pet food label are "Human Grade." These products must contain 100% human edible ingredients and be made in a licensed human food facility following current Good Manufacturing Practices. This is one AAFCO regulation we applaud.

Goodness Gracious Reducing our Carbon Footprint and using 40% Clean Energy