Shipping & Returns

Customer Appreciation Discounts

All online Goodness Gracious customers automatically receive a discount code valid for 30 days and 10% off their next purchase at this website of regularly priced treats.

Shipping Policy

Get FREE SHIPPING for orders of *$99 or more!

*Please note that we may upgrade your shipping service at no cost to you. We strive to find the fastest way we can ship your order to you.

We currently offer shipping within the 50 US States and Puerto Rico

*Due to Covid-19, UPS or USPS may require more time for packages due to limited transportation availability


Thank you for shopping with us! We guarantee that all our products will arrive to you as described on our website and on our packaging. And rest assured that all our treats ship from us with a expiration date stamped on the package that is at least 6-12 months from the date of your order. Your pet may want to eat them all immediately, but if you're inclined to treat moderation, then we recommend that you store the goodies in a cool dry place to maintain optimal shelf life.

Returns and Refund Policy

If our products do not meet the warranty as described above, then we will replace them at no cost to you. If we are unable to replace them in a timely manner due to out of stock issues then we will refund your purchase. Replacement or refund decisions are made in our discretion. Except as described above, no other refunds or exchanges are given and all sales shall be final.


When you purchase a subscription you'll receive repeat deliveries. Subscriptions will be repeated once a month until you cancel your subscription.

Your payment details will be stored securely and you'll be charged for each of these deliveries, unless you choose to pay in advance.

If you don’t want to renew a subscription you can cancel it. 

If you want to cancel or change your subscription, you can do it at any time. Your order confirmation emails have links to your order. You can manage your subscription from there. 

See our returns policy above for more details on returns and refunds.