Our Story

Goodness Gracious is as much a company as it is a spirit. Our mission is to provide human grade, nutritionally superior, holistic, whole food diets and treats for pets in a way that improves our connection to the planet and each other. To do that, we use ethically sourced ingredients; green-energy on a path to net zero; less plastic, zero Styrofoam and more compostable materials; a vibrant culture of inclusion that celebrates 100% diversity; and a charitable give-back to community animal causes amounting to 51% of our profits.
Quality & Safety
Certified Human Grade

We meet AAFCO's standards for "Human Grade" certification. It's the gold standard and it means:

1. 100% human edible ingredients (USDA inspected and passed.)

2. 100% made in our own licensed, and inspected human food facility.

3. 100% Compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Certfied human-grade products made in our human food facility.
We donate 51% of our profits to animal Charites and rescues.
We Walk Heart First

We give 51% of our profits to community animal charities wherever our treats are sold. With every treat purchased, you give wholesome goodness to the pet you love, and a heart full of hope to another in need.

Goodness Gracious is honored with a diverse workforce
Diverse Workforce

Goodness Gracious celebrates diversity. We are honored with a diverse work-force. We believe in supporting and empowering people to be the very best version of their unique selves.

All our ingredients are USA sourced
USA Sourced Ingredients

We source the finest ingredients and most of those come from the USA. We reach beyond our borders when another country's environmental or ethical practices surpass our own. This is the case with grass-fed lamb from Australia or New Zealand, Icelandic wild caught fish, and pasture-raised beef from South America. We publish the country of origin for every ingredient we use.


Goodness Gracious treats are seriously the best. I highly recommend them for your cat or dog. They are super healthy and you know exactly what goes into them. There’s no fake products of any kind. My cat Dexter absolutely loves these treats. And I love that I know what I’m giving him is100% healthy. I think it’s fantastic what this company is doing, you can tell they really care about their customers and that’s such a wonderful feeling. I recently ordered a small bag of cat treats and when I got them I noticed a letter inside and an extra bag of cat treats. And the letter had said that they felt bad because my priority shipping was so high so they gave me an extra bag of treats. And that was just such a nice gesture. I am beyond grateful that I discovered this company and I’m going to continue to order treats through them


Our big Mastiff mix River, has eaten a home cooked diet since we rescued him as a pup. He is not finicky about food, but his digestion sure is. Once in a while we made the mistake of giving him a supermarket brand treat and the poor fella paid the price. When his former vet tried to offer him one of their biscuits and he refused to take it I had to explain to them that he only eats jerky I make myself or Goodness Gracious treats ! Since I just happened to have a couple in my pocket (always be prepared is my motto) , we were good to go, and he eagerly took your treat from the vet. His favorite is the cheeseburger cookies right now, and since he is being doctored for an injured paw, your cookies make the doctoring much, much easier. Thank you for caring about our dogs enough to make these wholesome and delicious treats and bless your hearts for donating to rescues. I sing your praises to everyone, and so does River!