Weight Woofers! The Final Reveal of Frankie and Toby as shared by Dani Cimino, DVM (and Mom)

Dr. Dani Cimino veterinarian talks about her dogs weight loss and health benefits with human grade whole food diets

Like 60% of US dog-families, Dani Cimino, DVM had chubby dogs. Frankie and Toby were 20% over their ideal weight. Dr. Cimino took her pups on a weight loss journey centered around a human grade, 100% whole food diet and the results were amazing.

In this Final Reveal, and the fourth installment of Weight Woofers: Frankie and Toby, you'll discover:

  • The keys to a healthy diet
  • Building blocks for DIYers.
  • Why a whole food diet that harnesses phytonutrients and natural compounds is light years better than another that uses manmade vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • That the benefits go far, far beyond shedding some pounds.

We will talk about the percentages of macro-nutrients (i.e. proteins, fats, carbs) that make up a good complete and balanced whole food diet. 

We will share healthy ratios of muscle to organs, and omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.

We will talk about all the beneficial anti-cancer phytonutrients in dark green vegetables, fruits, and root vegetables, and more...

Does your dog have inflammation issues, sore joints, diabetes, or allergies?  We will discuss how whole food diets are helpful for addressing these concerns as well as building cardiovascular, immune, metabolic, neuromuscular and eye health.

So cuddle up with your pup, and enjoy.