Shipping Policy on our Gently Cooked Recipes

- Our food ships frozen in our compostable, insulated boxes that have been tested to withstand 6 days in transport with our 18, 20, 32lb food shipments and 4 days in transport for our 4 & 5lb food shipments. We also add in cooler packs when necessary. 

- Food packs do NOT need to be frozen when they arrive. If you have some food that has thawed or some that are cool, they are perfectly safe to serve to your dog or cat. You can refreeze if necessary.

- It is your responsibility to email customer service within 8 hours of delivery if the delivery has damaged perishables. 

- We ship our food ONLY on Mondays, sometimes Tuesdays depending on your location. We try our best to make sure our food does not sit over the weekend in a UPS warehouse and arrives before the weekend. UPS does not deliver on Sundays.

- Subscription orders on pet food always process on Wednesday's and ship Mondays. This is to ensure your dog's food arrives in a timely manner.  

- We cannot guarantee your pet's food will be shipped the same day it is ordered. We try our best to accommodate, but cannot always ship the same day you order. 

- For more information on our shipping rates please read here:

- Please refrigerate immediately upon opening your delivery.