Small Business, High Standards

We handcraft everything in small batches in our own licensed and inspected human-food facility in the tiny, seaside town of Marblehead, MA. All our treats are made from scratch using the freshest, USA-sourced, USDA-approved ingredients delivered daily, and every bag is hand-packed by us.

The treat that keeps on giving!

We donate 51% of our profits to Animal Charites. Find out more

Tuesday's Child
One Donation at a Time

Inspired by the favorite childhood poem, "... Tuesday's Child is full of grace..." This award of $500 in cash and treats is given with love and gratitude in recognition of the amazing work done by community non-profit animal rescues and charities. Let's hear it for their good deeds!

What's Your Pets Favorite?


The best. Not only are these healthy for your dog, not only will your dog love them—they are made by someone who is all about doing the best things for dogs. A woman who started this business in her kitchen, uses only the highest quality meats, and donates majorly to causes dog lovers care about. My dog will leap tall buildings for Hula Lula Chicken, and prefers them above just about all other treats. Even as she recovers from cancer and her diet is all about strengthening her immune system, my alternative vet feels good about her getting this product. Highly recommend.


Another order of treats was delivered and we wanted to say thank you for creating such high quality, well-liked treats. Our Tucker always seems to know when a box from Goodness Gracious Treats arrives... he sniffs it out! We thought you'd enjoy seeing a picture of Tucker and his newest stash of goodies! 


“When Winston hears the rustling of the bag he runs over and sits because he knows he's about to get his favorite Liver Nibbles”


I love, love, love giving the Bacon Cheeseburger Cookies to my dog  Fiyero just as much as he loves eating them! Our story of renal failure and Tufts ICU is too long to tell here so let me just say no treats with ingredients not locally sourced in this house!  Thanks for all you do! PS I foster dogs for Survivor Tails Animal Rescue, Fiyero is such a good boy he gladly shares with our foster! 




These are the best treats ever! I love that they are made with love, and simple healthy ingredients. My dog gets 3 different treats everyday. Just knowing she is getting the best nutrients possible makes me happy. Hula Lula Chicken is her favorite. Thank you for your continued support to charities as well. Keep up the great work! Thank you.


Bikini chicken is the choice for my picky toy poodles. Perfect for small dogs as it is easy to break into smaller pieces. And that it is good for them is a big plus! 


My pet Mom and Dad bought me Hula Lula Liver. After my bath(which I hate!!) they gave me one for putting up with this horrible ritual. For most dog bribes, I usually investigate, snub them and make Mom and Dad give them to other less intelligent visiting dogs. Apparently someone has mislabeled these "people treats" as "dog treats". I promptly took my treat and found a secure location to devour it. I am sure the CIA is coming to catch me eating them so I hid. I now want a bath everyday. Cleanliness is now next to godliness!!

Thank you Lulu!! It is a bonus that I get to help unspoiled dogs too!! 

Lady the Spoiled Saint Bernard